cactusbabe asked:
I see people all the time copying your constant headache design and it makes me sad

tell me about it. that was something I drew for my friend Mitch and that 2 of the most important people in my life have tattooed on them (or variations of) and every time I message someone calling them out on it I get abused for it.

Anonymous asked:
Hello, just like to say that i like your blog a lot (and art too!) I wanted to ask what inspires you? I struggle with coming up with my own ideas

thank you for your kind words!

Most of my art is pretty introspective and thus inspired by my own feelings or observations. Usually these things are inexpressible to me in other ways - somewhat like keeping a journal. I find keeping things personal helps as it’s the subject matter we all know the most. Otherwise i find inspiration from things i am passionate about - like mysticism, scientific and botanical drawing, the cosmos, and organic forms.

Theres no harm in taking your time to work out a piece also. For example, my hand necklaces and brooches were months of work and preparation and planning - sometimes going slowly can help you process your inspirations more thoroughly and turn something you might not have necessarily been happy with into something you are proud of.

try and combine the things that make you happy with the things you create :) if you feel like you’re not “inspired” per say, practise technical skills by doing still life studies (these are the skills that will help you the most)

hope this was helpful!

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