Anonymous asked:
You are the most inspirational person I have come to see so far in my life. Your art is so incredibly beautiful. Your friend look like the most amazing people. Your tattoos are so breathtakingly gorgeous and you yourself look like such a beautiful, open-minded girl with so much enthusiasm to live to your potential, inside and out. Yeah, have fun beautiful because you're the cats pyjamas x

woooooah what an out of this world lovely message!! i feel like ive been picked up and had all the dirt dusted off my knees! thank you so much for you encouragement stranger, you are terribly kind xo

rosemary sisters - dominique and myself, a portrait of a part of me that will always stay with you, my friend

the1975loves asked:
Im just curious about your rosemary tattoo, would you be willing to share the significance of it to you? It is very beautiful x

thank you! the designw as taking from an old herb compendium, there was a really nice thyme and lemon grass in there too :)

Rosemary as a herb is significant to me as its been a somewhat constant in my life - my number one choice for cooking, and something that grows in suburbia enough to be able to steal a few sprigs here and there from peoples gardens.

It reminds me of making meals with loved ones, and i like that as a plant it is something you can pick that wont wilt and die - that it dries out and takes on another form and use. Picking flowers is so interesting in that it’s usually a knowing act of destruction - that once picked they fade, and that picking them is an almost selfish act of taking ownership over something even though you know that doing so is destructive.

i like that herbs survive and stay with you

thank you for your question!

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