Had the nicest weekend hangout with dear caitlin, Aaron and Julia. Lots of drawing and wandering and easy hanging out. I’ve known caitlin for years and am so happy to have been able to meet her! I will forever be thankful for the friends the internet has given me.

Anonymous asked:
Your face is amazing.

I figure it’s the only one I have so there’s no point in hiding it :) thank you anon

(Or Suzy? Haha I feel like you would send me this)

memories of melbourne/ memories of brisbane

Abbotsford convent, Melbourne, july 2014
Wacol Mental Asylum, Brisbane, October 2013

Cyanotype on paper - Maddy Young

been helping Sean with a big mural the past few days - ive never worked on such a large scale, and its been such a great learning experience! its really nice to be pushed to learn new things and to have such a supportive and helpful partner. i hope i can work on something of my own like this one day soon

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